Discover tasty green restaurants.

When you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, do you ever stop to ask where your food comes from?

Or, are you too afraid to find out?

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Ribbit is powered by a community of foodies who want a truly sustainable dining experience. Meaning, single-use plastic should never come with a meal and food should come from farms and oceans, not corporations.


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Here's how it works

When dining at a restaurant, leave a review by answering five simple questions. It’s that easy!

We love restaurants that

  • Use ingredients from local sources, whenever possible
  • Offer plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu
  • And try to cut back on single-use items, like plastic cups, utensils, or straws

Introducing COVID-mode!

In a world of confusion, finding a great restaurant should be easy.

COVID-mode is here to provide you the security of knowing that your favorite restaurants are creating a safe & clean environment. If you don’t feel safe going out to eat, then local restaurants and the economy will continue to suffer.

Our idea of a safe & clean restaurant is seen

  • Practicing social distancing
  • Requiring their employees to wear masks
  • Forcing customers to wear masks while they wait
  • Disinfecting the tables frequently and in between customers
  • And providing hand-sanitizer

Disclaimer: we are not a certifying body, nor can we make any medical or health claims. We simply aim to provide information as a guide. Please refer to your state and CDC guidelines for protecting yourself against COVID-19 within restaurants and bars.

Why dining sustainably is important

Like you, we love going out to eat. But, in these times of growing environmental concerns, we want to be able to have our cake and eat it too. That’s why we built Ribbit. 

Reduce food waste

As a society, we throw out so much food! It’s an astonishing fact, but restaurants who locally source their ingredients tend to use less since they only order what they need.

Support your local community

When restaurants offer local ingredients, they’ll either make the ingredients themselves or work with local farmers and distributors. This concept builds a resilient and sustainable community. Everybody wins!

Reduce plastic waste

Millions of small plastic items, including single-use straws, utensils, and cups, are used & discarded each day. Too often do these items not make their way to the landfill but instead end up in our natural water and land environments. Let’s get back to the basics of using reusable materials and say no to single-use items by supporting restaurants with a reusable mindset.

Personal Health is economic health

If you don’t feel safe going out to eat, then local restaurants and the economy will suffer. Customers and restaurants alike must do their part to create a safe & sustainable environment for all!

What Ribbiters are saying

  • “I’m enjoying using the app, answering questions and rating the restaurants!”

    Philadelphia, PA
  • “I tend to choose dining options based on eco-friendly practices but it’s hard to find those options without stumbling upon them.”

    Washington, D.C.
  • “What we are doing to our bodies and our environment is not sustainable and Ribbit will better educate consumers on who these restaurants truly are and what they stand for.”

    Los Angeles, CA
  • “I love Ribbit! I’m always paying attention because I try to practice zero waste living – like bringing my own cup, straw, or fork.”

    Stanhope, NJ