Welcome to ribbit

Find eco-friendly spots to eat and drink anywhere you go!

Welcome to ribbit

Find eco-friendly spots to eat and drink anywhere you go!

Hello Future Ribbiter!

We just launched our private Beta test and will soon kick off our public version. This is a chance to get a sneak peek at what we are building, and we would love for you to help by becoming a Beta tester.

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What is Ribbit?

Ribbit is an app that connects people like you, who care about your food and the environment, to restaurants that match with your values. We do this by leveraging your input on key factors, like if there are locally sourced ingredients or compostable utensils. 

By asking users simple questions about the restaurant they visit, we are able to spotlight those eco-friendly locations. Our process is quick and easy, say goodbye to the days of writing or reading lengthy reviews.

Our community of Ribbiters is a passionate and active bunch who value what they do and where they eat. We built this platform with them in mind, and are dedicated to always providing trusted and valued information at their fingertips!


Meet our ribbiters, which one are you?


Are you an Active Ribbiter?

Whether you're tearing up the slopes or enjoying a hike, you love and respect the outdoors and prefer to support restaurants that care about the environment just as much as you do. 


Are you a Family Ribbiter?

Your family is your world, so when it comes to feeding them you look for  fresh, quality ingredients. You only choose the best for your little Ribbiters by dining at eco-friendly restaurants with farm to table menus, so your fam can live a happy, healthy lifestyle on a happy, healthy planet. 


Are you a Conscious Ribbiter?

Mother nature needs some love, but you already know that! You are hyper aware of the damage being done to our planet and understand the importance of living environmentally friendly, therefore, you look for and value restaurants that share your passion.

Join our family of Ribbiters!