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Hello Future Ribbiter

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What is Ribbit?

Ribbit is an app that connects people like you, who care about your food and the environment, to restaurants that match with your values. We do this by leveraging your input on key factors, like if there are locally sourced ingredients and reusable cups and utensils.  


Because YOUR input matters

Ribbit is the first-ever mobile app that uses YOUR input to compute a geo-targeted letter grade, we call this the Ribbit Rating. This rating will spotlight eco-friendly restaurants and provide other Ribbiters an easy to follow guide!

Find out how the Ribbit Rating works

Why is this important?

A third of all food that is grown is thrown out even after traveling thousands of miles all over the world. Millions of plastic straws, utensils, and cups pollute our waterways and threaten our environment. Wouldn't it be nice to know that your next lunch is sourced from local farms and doesn't come with a side of plastic (LIKE THIS)??