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Dining out just got more fun. With help from fellow foodies, find great restaurants that offer local food with a side of environmental responsibility. 

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Add a review and we can help reduce waste, together

Food waste and plastic waste is an issue, and dining sustainably is a challenge. That’s why we created Ribbit. The best way to find restaurants that match your environmental values is by relying on others for help. Ribbit is the first platform that uses your input to produce a sustainability rating called the Ribbit Score.

How it works


Where are you eating? Browse our map and full list of restaurants – we have it all!


Add a review by answering simple sustainability focused questions, are there locally sourced ingredients? What about reusable utensils? It’s quick and easy. 


Now get out and explore! Ribbit is more than just a restaurant review app, it’s a community of diners helping you discover your new favorite restaurants.

Why dining sustainably is important

Reduce food waste

A third of all food in the world ends up in the trash. Restaurants who locally source their ingredients only order what they need so they can better manage their food flow and reduce waste.

Reduce solid waste

Millions of small plastic items, including single-use straws, utensils, and cups, are discarded each day which threatens our natural water and land environment. Let’s get back to the basics of using reusable materials and say no to single-use items by supporting restaurants with a reusable mindset.

Support your local community

When restaurants use locally sourced ingredients, the food travels fewer miles leading to a smaller carbon footprint. Since the food doesn’t travel as far, those ingredients have fewer preservatives to keep them fresh plus local farmers feel the love. Everybody wins!

We’re all in this together

We vote with our wallet, that’s why doing something as simple as dining at restaurants that work to reduce their food and plastic waste is incredibly impactful!

The Ribbit Score

This letter rating showcases the sustainability level of a restaurant. A-Rating: Check this place out in all its eco-friendly awesomeness. F-Rating: This spot needs some work but there’s always room for improvement!

Powered by Foursquare

Our map is powered by Foursquare, so you know you’re exploring the most trusted location results.

Simple Questions

To create the Ribbit Score, we leverage your answers to simple questions like if there are reusable cups or locally-sourced ingredients. 


Food Quality

Taste is forking important in deciding where to eat, which is why we ask how good the food is. Would you give 1 or 5 forks for your food quality?

What Ribbiters are saying

  • “I’m enjoying using the app, answering questions and rating the restaurants!”

    Philadelphia, PA
  • “I tend to choose dining options based on eco-friendly practices but it’s hard to find those options without stumbling upon them.”

    Washington, D.C.
  • “What we are doing to our bodies and our environment is not sustainable and Ribbit will better educate consumers on who these restaurants truly are and what they stand for.”

    Los Angeles, CA
  • “I love Ribbit! I’m always paying attention because I try to practice zero waste living – like bringing my own cup, straw, or fork.”

    Stanhope, NJ