Eat More. Waste Less.

Dining out just got more fun. With help from fellow foodies, find great restaurants that offer local food while trying to lower their environmental impact.

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Sustainability is hard. Ribbit is easy.

Sustainability can be confusing and intimidating, so we’re changing that. Ribbit is a restaurant review app that makes it easy to understand what restaurants are doing to lower their environmental impact.

Like you, we love going out to eat. But in these times of growing environmental concerns, we wanted there to be a way to find restaurants who felt the same as us. That’s why we built Ribbit. 

Here's how it works

Whether dining in or ordering delivery/takeout, leave a review by answering five simple questions. Your answers produce a community indicator called the Ribbit Score, this score provides other users with details on what the restaurant is doing to reduce waste and lower their environmental impact.

When dining in

An ideal restaurant can be seen doing the following:

  • Using locally-sourced ingredients, whenever possible.
  • Having plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu.
  • Not handing out plastic cups, utensils, or straws (unless requested)

When ordering delivery/takeout

Delivery and takeout are inherently wasteful so there are only a few measures we can take to reduce waste. An ideal restaurant would:

  • Not hand out single-use utensils (unless requested)
  • Not use styrofoam or plastic containers for the food
  • Not provide a plastic beverage cup
  • Not include a plastic delivery bag for the order
  • Not include unnecessary items in the order

Why dining sustainably is important

Reduce food waste

A third of all food in the world ends up in the trash. Restaurants who locally source their ingredients only order what they need so they can better manage their food flow and reduce waste.

Reduce plastic waste

Millions of small plastic items, including single-use straws, utensils, and cups, are discarded each day which threatens our natural water and land environment. Let’s get back to the basics of using reusable materials and say no to single-use items by supporting restaurants with a reusable mindset.

Support your local community

When restaurants use locally sourced ingredients, they work with local farmers and distributors to build a resilient and sustainable infrastructure. Everybody wins!

We’re all in this together

We vote with our wallet, that’s why doing something as simple as dining at restaurants that work to reduce their food and plastic waste is incredibly impactful!

What Ribbiters are saying

  • “I’m enjoying using the app, answering questions and rating the restaurants!”

    Philadelphia, PA
  • “I tend to choose dining options based on eco-friendly practices but it’s hard to find those options without stumbling upon them.”

    Washington, D.C.
  • “What we are doing to our bodies and our environment is not sustainable and Ribbit will better educate consumers on who these restaurants truly are and what they stand for.”

    Los Angeles, CA
  • “I love Ribbit! I’m always paying attention because I try to practice zero waste living – like bringing my own cup, straw, or fork.”

    Stanhope, NJ