About Ribbit

In Pursuit
of a Better Way

Reducing the Impact

We’re a group of former students from Stevens Institute of Technology who set out to use technology to inspire healthier communities and protect the environment. Simplifying our lifestyles, understanding where our food comes from, and reducing the impact on our planet is important to us, that’s why we are dedicated to providing you a platform that will highlight healthy and sustainable restaurants.

Our Mission

Building a Community

We’re on a mission to make sustainability fun, easy, and accessible for everyone. One thing that we all have in common is our passion for going to out to eat. Unfortunately, the restaurants we love can be very wasteful. Well, what if you could have your cake and eat it to? With Ribbit, you can. We’re bringing sustainability to the restaurant industry by connecting you with restaurants that promote health, happiness, and environmental responsibility. At Ribbit, we’re committed to providing you with the tools to lead a lifestyle of environmental and social responsibility, without compromising on the things you love to do (like going out to eat).

Company Values

Think Sustainably

Sustainability is the cornerstone of Ribbit. We make decisions not only for the betterment of ourselves and for others, but for the preservation of our environment and community. Our goal is to leave the world a better place!

Embrace Transparency

At Ribbit, we know that in order to truly innovate, we must drive communication, demand accountability, and trust one another. 

Be Different

Be a tree in a field of corn stalks. We can’t express that more. A little kooky goes a long way, which is why we stand up for our beliefs and motivate others to do the same.