We Have Arrived!

After months of hard work, long days, and sleepless nights, we have finally arrived to our highly anticipated Beta test. We are looking for testers to interact with our application and provide feedback. Now is your chance to get involved and get a sneak peek at what we are developing to make it even better!

Earn Some Cool Swag

You can’t have a Beta test without some sick swag. For those who are actively involved in helping with our Beta test, we have some great swag coming your way! From sweet stickers and coasters to eco-friendly tees, we will deck you out for making a major impact.

How the test will work

Your personalized key


You will receive an email from us with your personalized key and instructions on how to access the app

Get out and test


Once you have access to the app, play with the features and test it as much as you can!

Let us know what you think


We thrive on feedback. You can share your feedback with us at

If you already received a Beta Key, you can access the app here


Get involved

Interested in gaining access and becoming a Beta tester? Sign up below!