Can you Avoid Plastic on the go?

Many consumers turn to single-use plastic for its convenience, whether grabbing a quick drink from a water bottle or using plastic utensils while on the go. Unfortunately, these items are making their way into waterways, contaminating our food supply, polluting our beaches – ultimately causing a catastrophic ripple effect across our planet.

Yet, the question remains, how do you avoid single-use plastics, when they are SO convenient? A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I took a weekend trip up to Lake George, NY. We did a little research on where to eat and what to do for our trip, but we ran into a problem that I’m sure you have experienced when you travel – a ton of unnecessary plastic.

The first restaurant we tried greeted us with two plastic cups, one for water and one for our beverage plus plastic straws. For lunch, we sat in a restaurant that served our meal in plastic to-go containers even though we were dining in. Rather than sitting and enjoying the food, I kept thinking about how our deeply rooted connection with single-use plastics and convenience is destroying our planet.

Just like Goldielocks trying to find her perfect bowl of porridge, we finally discovered a restaurant that was more eco-friendly. We enjoyed a farm-to-table meal with locally sourced ingredients and not a single plastic straw or utensil insight. By supporting this restaurant and others like it, you too can avoid a plastic pitfall. This is why Ribbit is taking the guessing game out of eco-minded dining. Together, we can take small steps to reduce our carbon footprint while traveling #foodieswithoutafootprint.

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