What is Ribbit?

Ribbit is an app that connects people like you, who care about their food and the environment, with restaurants that match your values. We do this by leveraging your input on key factors, like if there are locally sourced ingredients or compostable utensils. 

By asking users simple questions about the restaurant they visit, we are able to spotlight those eco-friendly locations. Our process is quick and easy, say goodbye to the days of writing or reading lengthy reviews.

Our community of Ribbiters is a passionate and active bunch who value what they do and where they eat. We built this platform with them in mind, and are dedicated to always providing trusted and valued information at their fingertips!

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We're constantly presenting at pitch competitions and conferences so if you'd like to see our presentation material just drop us a line and we'll be in touch to discuss more!

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What to expect


Contribute Content

We do things a little different here - no more writing paragraphs for a review. Our platform only requires you to answer simple eco-friendly-inspired  questions. Are there locally sourced ingredients? How about recycling? It's so easy, it will only take seconds to leave an entire review!

Our Algorithm

Based on your responses to the questions, our algorithm calculates a letter grade for that location. That letter grade determines the color of the icon so your fellow Ribbiters know which is best. A green "A" rating means this spot is a prime location when it comes to eco-friendly factors; a red "F" rating means this spot has a lot of work to do to meet our standards. 


Discover New Places

The geo-targeted map makes discovering other Ribbit-rated restaurants, coffee shops, and bars super simple. From the search bar to the color coded icons, Ribbit will have you heading in the right direction. 

Easy to Identify Icons

The color coded icons bring to life the ever so helpful Ribbit rating, so you know exactly where to look when selecting a place to eat. And don't forget, green always means go!


Browse the Ribbit-Feed

Interested in what's going on around you? Check out the Ribbit-Feed to read what other Ribbiters near you are saying in real time. This is a great way to discover which restaurants your friends, neighbors and fellow foodies love

New to the Area?

Whether you're traveling for work, visiting a friend, or just new to the area, the Ribbit-Feed is a great way to get a feel for the restaurant scene around your new digs.