Our Story

 In 2018, Matt was vacationing in Costa Rica and had an a-ha moment-- all of the restaurants served delicious food and cocktails made with locally sourced ingredients and a side of environmental responsibility (no single-use plastic and they worked to cut back on food waste).

With climate change on the rise and our oceans overflowing with plastic-- he knew this commitment to sustainability needed to be amplified to restaurant-goers everywhere! At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a great meal and helping the environment at the same time?? 

When he returned home he connected with cofounder Evan and did some research-- after hundreds of interviews, countless online searches, and dozens of restaurant visits, they discovered that finding sustainable restaurants was no easy task! And voilà, the idea for Ribbit.io was born!  


Matthew Cristaldi, Cofounder & CEO

Matt has always been on a mission to help the world with energy and sustainability. Prior to cofounding Ribbit.io, he built a hydro-powered turbine that used proprietary technology to increase the amount of electricity it generated from oceans and rivers. Creating and innovating are extremely important to him but regardless of what he does, he always finds a way to turn it into a memorable and long lasting experience. 

Evan Bedser, Cofounder & CTO

Evan is an innovative full-stack developer from Stevens Institute of Technology, an Eagle Scout and a creative problem solver. He is dedicated to developing technology to improve how people view sustainability and green living. Evan’s time in scouting fostered his love of the outdoors and a commitment to being a trustworthy leader. With a lifetime of “leave-no-trace” hiking and camping, he strives to leave the world a better place than he found it. 

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