Business Development

Matthew Cristaldi, CEO & Cofounder


Matt has always been on a mission to help the world with energy and sustainability. Prior to cofounding Ribbit, he built a hydro-powered turbine that used proprietary technology to increase the amount of electricity it generated from oceans and rivers. Creating and innovating are extremely important to him which is why he constantly challenges himself and the people around him. 

Instagram: @cristaldi4

Ribbit favorite: Honeygrow, Hoboken, NJ 

Jade Feliciano, Business Development Manager


Jade loves traveling to beautiful places with lots of wildlife, hidden waterfalls, and great locally-owned restaurants! Her experience working with mission-driven organizations has lead her to believe we have the power to vote everyday for what we believe in by buying products and services working to build a better community and planet. 

Instagram: @travelwithjadefel

Ribbit favorite: Jack's Seafood Shack, Montclair, NJ

Technical Development

Evan Bedser, CTO & Cofounder


Evan is an innovative full-stack developer from Stevens Institute of Technology, an Eagle Scout, and a creative problem solver. He is dedicated to developing technology to improve how people view sustainability and green living. Evan’s time in scouting fostered his love of the outdoors and a commitment to being a trustworthy leader. With a lifetime of “leave-no-trace” hiking and camping, he strives to leave the world a better place than he found it. 

Instagram: @evan_twoeye

Ribbit favorite: 12 Farms Restaurant, Hightstown, NJ

Matthew Rota, Lead Developer


As a software developer from Stevens Institute of Technology, Matt has worked on innovative technology such as RipCur, CSS framework, and automated Drupal site boilerplate builder. His interest lies in full-stack and React-native based mobile development, which is why he adores the idea of Ribbit, as it brings forward a service that doesn't already exist.


Instagram: @rotamatt

Ribbit favorite: Osteria Procaccini, Kingston, NJ

Richard Kellstrom, Graphic Designer & Front End Developer


Rick is the magician behind our beloved Ribbiter. He's a self taught graphic designer, developer, brand builder, and creative genius. With 20+ years in the industry, his focus is working in an agile environment to get to the core user and deliver a user-centric design. 

Instagram: @rkellstrom

Ribbit favorite:  The Birch, Manchester, NH