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Let Ribbit go to work for you


Reach more customers!

Millions of people crave eco-friendly places to eat and drink. Since you already offer great local food and environmentally friendly materials, let them know. Partnering with Ribbit would be like shouting to the world how awesome you are!

New to the neighborhood?

Build your brand by using our uniquely designed features to give you a market edge on your competition! We know you care about your eco-friendly initiatives and it's now time to let the neighborhood know - so kick back and enjoy while we take care of the heavy lifting. 

Looking to adopt some new practices?

We get it, your business is special and you want it to shine. But finding new customers could be pretty difficult. There are some ways we can help; by partnering with us we can help you adopt some eco-friendly practices which can 1) boost current customer appreciation and 2) attract new customers - it's a win win! 

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Some of our free features include..

Basic Profile Control

Take control of what your customers see: your name, address, hours of operation, how they can reach you, and anything else that comes to mind! 

User Question Confirmation

Ribbit is a crowdsourced app and Ribbiters all over will be answering questions about your place, be the first one to answer so Ribbiters know what they're walking into.

Digital Menu Upload

Having a digital menu in a digital age is key. Uploading your menu to Ribbit will direct users looking for specific menu items to your spot.

Basic Statistics

Our basic statistics will provide you key information that will help you in your market and advertising strategy. 

Business to Business Marketplace

Looking for eco-friendly supplies? Look no further than our B2B marketplace. Here, you'll connect directly to suppliers offering eco-friendly materials so you can stay focused on your restaurant!